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I am my own worst critic!

Yesterday I tweeted that I shot my first YouTube video and I'm kind of addicted. It's a different medium for me, but it's a way to express myself in a way that doesn't necessarily come across in the blog. I'm an Influenster member, and I got my new VoxBox yesterday. Influenster encourages it's members to do an unboxing video. I had my new camera out to take pictures of the box, so I decided to shoot a video.

It was cute and fun, but I wasn't on camera. When I watch people on YT do product reviews or hauls, I like to see the person that's talking. So I decided to shoot another video, this time with me on camera. I probably watched that video 10 times taking notes on what I didn't like and what I can improve upon. I haven't posted the video (and probably won't) because I see that I have a lot to learn about vlogging. Here's what I learned by watching my worst first video:

ConventionalDee video Fail

  1. A tripod is a smart investment - Because I didn't have a tripod I had to manipulate boxes on tables just to be able to record.
  2. Backgrounds matter - I called myself using a blank wall as a backdrop, thinking it would look nice. It actually looks like I was in a vacant home. It irked me.
  3. Lighting matters - Shadows on your face are not flattering.
  4. Seating matters - Since I don't have a tripod, I ended up sitting on the floor, and that posture was the worst!
  5. I now know why the YT makeup artists pile on the make up! I had on regular make up and I might as well had a bare face. Plus HD cameras make your bags really stand out. I'm breaking out the concealer and foundation for the next video.
  6. Have a script or talking points - I must have said "Um" about 50-leven times during my video. My hubby was extra annoyed by it. I am comfortable speaking in public, but I see I need to dust off the skills I learned in my public speaking class. 
So that's what I gathered from the critique of my first video. I still need a lot of work, and I am currently studying other vloggers on YouTube.  I also need some recommendations from you! Can you recommend a good video editing site or program? Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Tell me in the comments, and also give me any pointers you can spare! A sista needs help!



kita said...

I don't even like pictures up of me so I know I won't be doing the video thing in a while. I think a tripod is good investment I had one but took it back to the store didn't want to spend the extra money lol I don't know how to edit so I know my ums would be in full force.

ConventionalDee said...

Kita, I did initially get a tripod as part of my camera package, but took it back when I returned that camera for a better one. I've been watching other folks on YT give product reviews and they same um a lot as well. Everyone does it, I guess I didn't realize how much I say it.

miss donna said...

don't over-analyze it...just push record and have a conversation like you're talking to your hubby or bff. the more you do - the better you'll get at it. i use Window Movie maker for editing. it's super easy to learn and it came free with my computer. i keep saying i'm going to try YT's editing software, but haven't yet. can't wait for you to upload your first one!

ConventionalDee said...

Donna, thanks for the info about the editing software. I will look into YT's software, and see what I actually have on my laptop. I have a sense of humor, so I think I will post the first video and just poke fun at myself. Thanks for the support and valued advice! I owe you a cocktail!

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