Life: Fear and Agony

Oprah and Dr. Phil
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I watched Oprah's Lifeclass featuring Dr. Phil last night. The subject was how to be a star in your own life. Now, based off of some of the things I blog or tweet about, I have probably given you the impression that I am a star in my own mind. Sometimes that can't be further than the truth.

After the show, I went on Oprah's website and looked at some of the exercises that were provided in order to focus in on your goals. To be completely honest, I have been feeling kind of lost and without a compass for a couple of weeks. So I was looking for something to provoke me in thought and kind of guide me into the right frame of mind. Of course Mother Oprah and her sidekick Dr. Phil would list some questions that gave me a nice little gut check. Click here to see them.

Oprah's Lifeclass Journal
Yes, I do have an Oprah's Lifeclass Journal...
After I went through and answered them honestly, I had an epiphany (or A Ha! Moment in Oprah-speak). I realize at times that I will sit and agonize over a situation, rather than take action. I am more comfortable in my [known] agony, rather than stepping out and trying something new. However, that agony and worry is probably adding to my already premature gray hair!

I know my little epiphany seems simple, [Duh! Just do it!] but I really have been struggling with this concept for a while now. In fact there are 3 different blogs sitting in my drafts folder on some variation of this subject. I was really struggling with how to articulate my thoughts. I'm happy that my thoughts are now clearer, and I can now identify what I've been feeling.

Have you had an A-Ha! moment that helped push you out of a rut? Did you watch Lifeclass? Share your thoughts in the comments, or let's discuss it on Facebook!



kita said...

I still have this one taped so I have not watched it yet. I have many A ha moments especially when I watch Oprah she makes the simplest things come alive.

ConventionalDee said...

I agree Kita! I watched the one with Iyanla and single mothers. That really gave me some insight to my son and his relationship with his father.

miss donna said...

i don't have OWN and and am desperately looking for a way to bootleg it. "known agony"...i've never heard that term but it makes so much sense. i think you're making progress just by acknowledging what's wrong. so many people fail to take that initial step. i'm always here for you if you ever need me.

ConventionalDee said...

Thank you miss donna!

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