My Thoughts on the Paula Deen Fiasco

Paula Deen Sorry Not Sorry
Let me be upfront and state that I was never a Paula Deen fan. Yes, that silver haired lady was full of Southern sass, but I could never get with her cooking. Of the handful of times I watched her shows on Food Network, all the recipes started with a base of a pound of butter or a vat of mayo, and I hate mayo.

I remember when I read the lawsuit filed against Deen a year or so ago. I thought it was the most outlandish thing I'd ever read regarding workplace lawsuits. Surely a lady like Paula Deen would not condone her brother's actions in a restaurant that she co-owns. I figured that the lawsuit would eventually get dismissed and go away. It didn't. Read the initial filing here.

Last month, Paula gave her deposition and it was leaked, which has caused the fire storm in the news for the last week. Here's what I want to know: Who the hell are her lawyers and PR people? How did they allow this to happen? When they prepped her for the deposition, did they not know how she was going to answer?

It's no shock to me that Paula uses the N-word. I was a little surprised that she referred to her kitchen staff as monkeys and no one cussed her out. I'm not surprised that Paula is nostalgic for the good ol' days. I am surprised that she actually considered hosting a plantation themed wedding, as if that would be well received. The only thing truly shocking to me is that this case is proceeding and Paula has allowed it to go public. Where is Olivia Pope?

Only Pope and Associates can fix this mess
Only Olivia Pope & Associates can fix this mess!

Paula Deen is not the first public figure to be deemed a racist and she surely won't be the last. Her answers in her deposition give insight to her true character and it is very disappointing for many. She isn't helping herself on her "Sorry, Not Sorry" tour for 2013. It makes me wonder if she has hired people to protect her brand, and what the hell did they advise her to do.

Update: It has been reported that Deen has hired the real life Olivia Pope. Read the story here.

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Kita said...

I have always been a fan of Paula I have all of her books and some of her pots and pans I supported her but after this fiasco I am giving her major side eye. Last I heard Paula actually did hire Olivia pope ....the real one behind the show to help her out this should be interesting.

ConventionalDee said...

Kita, I just heard that she hired Judy Smith. Smart move, but too late in my opinion. The damage has been done already.

miss donna said...

i've been a fan, per se, but not the cult-like kind. i would watch her shows and try a few of her recipes and that's it. i was more inspired by Paula's story of overcoming hardships as a single divorced mother who turned her passion for cooking into a multi-million dollar empire. i gave her a pass on the things she said 30 years ago, but when i saw her on the Today Show this morning, she just didn't seem sincere. she spent far too much time pointing fingers at the people she's accusing of making her look bad and when she tried to force the tears that refused to cooperate - that pretty much did it for me.

she needs more than Olivia and/or Judy. she. need. Jesus.

ConventionalDee said...

miss donna I agree, she does need Jesus! Like I said, I wasn't surprised at her using the N-word, but some of the allegations in the lawsuit were more of the sexual harassment/hostile work environment nature. I couldn't believe that a woman who had built a successful brand would allow such things to occur within her enterprises, and then allow these allegations to go public. Everything to do with the actual case makes me question her character, and her [non]apologies are making it worse.

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