There's No Common Sense in Love & Hip-Hop

I just finished watching the episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL, and man! It's one of those shows that prove common sense ain't that common. Sometimes I watch this show and think either this is the best urban soap opera, or the "characters" don't have real friends. Here are some of the things I discussed with my Twitter friends last night:

Rasheeda and Kirk LHHATL
  • If you don't want kids, get a vasectomy. Kirk is really bugging out at Rasheeda's unexpected pregnancy and he's really being an ass. I understand that timing and finances are major factors when bringing a child into this world. But let's be real here, if Kirk really didn't want anymore kids, he would've gotten a vasectomy. Instead of being responsible for himself, he's putting unnecessary stress on Rasheeda and showing his true character. It seems like he is completely checked out of the marriage, which is unfortunate.
DJ Traci and Drew LHHATL
  • You Can't Buy Love. DJ Traci gave her baby's daddy Drew money to open a store. However, she wants to use her investment to control who is around Drew and have an excuse to be in his life. I know Drew dangled the "I'm doing this for our family" carrot in front of Traci in order to get the money, and he was wrong for that. But what Traci doesn't seem to grasp is that if Drew wants to use his resources to chase fast women, no amount of money you give him is going to stop that. Leave him be and focus on you.
  • Never, ever do business without a signed contract. If I hand someone a check, I need a document that spells out everyone's expectations and gives me recourse on my money. Now Traci doesn't have her man, and her pockets are $25,000 lighter with nothing to show for it.
Joseline and Che Mack LHHATL

  • You can't make people like you. For the life of me I don't get this Che Mack/Joseline angle. Joseline has given Che nothing but dust, and Che will not take a hint. And everytime Joseline dismisses her (which I can't blame her), Che goes crazy. If someone told me they don't want to work with me, I'd just go it alone, or find someone who does want to work with me.
Nikko and Mimi LHHATL

  • The lady doth protest too much, methinks. This whole Nikko may be gay story line should be an eye opener people. Any man who gets into a shouting match with a lady over whether or not he is gay is suspect. Any man who shouts alongside his roomate against a lady is super suspect. Any 40 year old man with a roomate who didn't just get kicked out by his wife needs to figure out his life plan. Just sayin.
  • Just because you have a man doesn't make you the envy of your friends. If you love him, fine, but don't think you are better than your friends just because you have someone. Mimi is parading this man around like he's a prize, when he looks like two day old pizza. Add in that he missed the aspiring rapper deadline by 15 years, and he raps about living in a penthouse with his roomate, and well... Mimi, no one wants Nikko but you.
I'm sure I missed some other points raised in the episode, so feel free to add your $.02 in the comments section or on Facebook!



Kita said...

Lol I had to stop watching it was to rachet for me but I keep up with all the goings on through twitter. I think its a reality show that has some script going on because I won't believe people act like this in real lie especially here in Atlanta I just can't

ConventionalDee said...

LOL, All I can say is those checks must be great to have people acting this way on national TV! Because I could not do it!

Anonymous said...

that sh$t needs to be band from TV

Anonymous said...

I hope you women now understand why your men, man hubby, bf, gf, whatever you may have go to bed so early, who really wants to watch this foolisness?

ConventionalDee said...

@Anonymous - I understand if the show is too dramatic for you. I even had a moment of "why am I watching this crap" myself. But if your significant other wants to watch it, what's an hour of your time? I mean I watch some of the most random crap with my husband just to spend time with him. I can't tell you how many episodes of How It's Made I've seen. *yawn*

Donna L Johnson said...

i *accidentally* watched one episode and now i'm hooked. you summed it up well, Dee. although i see most reality tv as entertainment, you can tell that this is real life for these people...i know because i was involved in similar drama back when i was 19!

ConventionalDee said...

Donna, I too had this drama back in the day, but it gets old real quick! I think when people put their personal lives out there, be it on a reality show, a blog or whatever, the viewer or reader wants the light bulb moment. We want to see it click and the character change and then go to their happily ever after. Sadly Erica is the only person that has said enough already and moved on.

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